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Khin wears round glasses with golden frames. She doesn’t want to be described physically beyond that, nor does she want to use her real name. She is an anti-junta activist and a member of the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM). In Myanmar, that makes her a political dissident. Were she arrested, she knows her odds of surviving the torture that awaits her would be slim...

Feature Profile | Current Affairs


Marcie Garcia lives in Albuquerque, at the foot of the Sandias, just south of the southern terminus of the Rocky Mountains. She first began hiking in the Sandias during the Covid-19 pandemic. On a Sunday afternoon in September, she was sitting barefoot under a piñon pine, at 10,600 feet of altitude, feeding her dog...

Feature | Outdoors


Heather Marney is not a vampire. Probably. She doesn’t have fangs, for one, doesn’t drink blood and can bask in the sun. But, like vampires, she can’t eat garlic, and though you could in theory wear a garlic necklace in her presence, if you were to add any to her food her allergy would kick in and she could land in the emergency room...

Feature | Food | Health

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Tía Consuelo, with her big mouth and big earrings and eighties perm, sits me down at the kitchen table and says, “I don’t want you to work for that puto.” By puto, she means Johnny González, owner of Speedy G Car Wash on San Mateo. “The biggest pendejo in town,” she says...

Short Fiction | Immigration | New Mexico, US

Later, she was dragged through the dirt and the singing grasses to where the mopane tree line began. Her father had once hung a tire swing nearby. Now, Othelia saw Nduma pushing on it two little boys. When Othelia waved to her, the old woman smiled back and said, "You can't be here, Mukiwa baby."

"I know, but I'm not sure anymore."

"Othie-ba," said Nduma. "It's already so late and so dark."

Short Fiction | War | Zimbabwe

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